What Is A Motor Control Center Panels(MCC)?

Motor Control Center Panels (MCC Panels) are used to control motors from a central location in large industrial and commercial applications. The motor control centers Manufacturer of several enclosed sections that share busbars and contain power contactors, protective relays, isolators, and other control and indication devices. The MCC are also equipped with VFDs, PLCs, metering, and other necessary components.

Motor Control Center Panel (MCC) Manufacturer

MCC PANELS are used in industrial and commercial applications to connect individual motors for manually, remotely, or automatically starting, stopping, selecting forward and reverse rotation, selecting and regulating the speed, regulating or limiting the torque, and protecting against overload, single phasing, reverse phasing, phase imbalance, earth fault, under current, under/over voltage, lock rotor current, high winding temperature, and so on.

MCC panels Manufacturer up of one or more vertical metal cabinet sections connected by a common power bus, motor control units with individual connections, and metering instruments.

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