How Does an APFC Panel Work in Electrical?

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What is APFC PANEL ?

APFC stands for Automatic Power Factor Correction. According to the State Electricity Board, control panels are primarily used to maintain power factor. Power factor is defined as the ratio of active power to apparent power and is primarily used to calculate electrical consumption. Everyone is aware of how expensive electricity is nowadays. As a result, it is critical to reduce electrical consumption in order to reduce expenditure and economise utility expenses by harnessing electrical utility by operating at desired power factor to avoid unwanted electricity penalties rising due to continuous panel operation.

APFC PANEL Manufacturer

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels, or APFCs, are primarily used to maintain power factor, according to the State Electricity Board. Power Factor is primarily an important consideration when calculating electricity consumption. Everyone is aware of how much electricity costs these days. Therefore, it becomes crucial to reduce electrical consumption in order to save money and minimise utility costs. To do this, harness the power of electricity and run your appliances at the desired power factor to prevent unwelcome electricity penalties from increasing as a result of persistent power factor decline.

An APFC panel with a stage-based pre-programmable microcontroller of various brands that automatically triggers capacitor banks with the appropriate capacities in multiple stages by sensing the reactive load directly and using the VAR (Volt Ampere Reactive) sensing principle tends to keep the PF at 0.99 Lag. According to the load pattern and client requirements, the capacitor banks are chosen in phases of 4/6/8/12/16.

APFC Panels easily serve the purpose of achieving PF to 0.99 Lag. For this reason. The use of these control panels becomes critical in industries where electrical installations are designed to handle large electrical loads. A decrease in Power Factor can be a cause of operational utility energy losses and may result in a penalty from the electricity board.

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APFC Panels are widely used to control industrial power consumption by stabilizing the power factor in accordance with the protocol of the State Electricity Board, Corporation, or private undertaking. We need to be introduced to the fundamental nuances and constituents of APFC Panels, as well as how APFC Panels function in providing electrical utility services. We would go over the fundamentals of APFC Panel requirements, design parameters, and controls used to balance power factor.

What is an APFC unit?

It consists of a microcontroller that detects the power factor value stage by stage; if the power factor falls below 0.9 (lagging) during peak hours, it automatically connects capacitor banks to improve it.

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