ATS Automatic Changeover Switch

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Overview of ATS Automatic Changeover Switch:

We Offers ATS automatic changeover switch connects your standby generator to your home, which having capacity from 40 to 1600 Amperes in range. It is reliable means of transferring essential load between the main supply and alternate electrical power. The ATS automatic changeover switch which Automatic start/stop operation of DG on mains failure. 

ATS Changeover switches, also known as automatic transfer switches or ATSs, are electric devices that switch the electrical supply in buildings and homes from commercial to backup power in the event of a power outage. In the event of an emergency, they automatically switch over to the emergency power source (usually a generator) – hence the name changeover switch! You can have peace of mind knowing that if there is an outage, your home or business will be supplied with power.

ATS Automatic Changeover Switch 4

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