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Power Distribution Panels

We are among the recognized Manufacturer & Supplier of APFC Distribution Panel in India. APFC Distribution Panels are used particularly to balance the power factor of state electricity boards. Everyone understands how costly the electricity bill is in the current era. APFC Distribution Panel has competent management and fully automatically controls the power factor in the factory. APFC Distribution Panel is especially known as Automatic power factor Distribution panel. The function of APFC Distribution Panel consists of a micro controller grounded programmable regulator that turns on or off capacitor banks of appropriate capacitance.

Electricity is the major supporter of going artificially. Although there are several other ways to control and reduce these costs, the most practical result for energy savings is APFC Distribution Panels. That is a condensation of APFC and is about automatically organizing and updating the power factor which in turn results in better power efficiency and power quality.

The role of APFC Distribution Panel is to refuse the counter effect lagging reactive power that is generated by inductive loads like induction motors. These micro processor powered panels recognize lagging reactive power and automatically correct power factors by injecting reactive power into the grid by turning ON capacitor banks. There are many various types of customized APFC Distribution Panels available for power essentials from 30kVAr to 1000kVAr according to the client’s requirement.

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